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Foreign Investment Significantly Increased In Major Industrial Sectors

Foreign Investment Significantly Increased In Major Industrial Sectors

During the current fiscal year, 11 industrial sectors have come to see foreign investment in the future, in which future prospects of Pakistan’s industrial development are looking forward. In the various sectors of Pakistan, foreign investments have come into view, including textiles, chemicals, pharmaceutical and electrical machinery, with a volume of up to 50 to 800 percent in the volume.

During the first 9 months of the current fiscal year 2018-19, direct investment in foreign investment was 51% decreased, the biggest reason was to pay Chinese investment in Power Sector, which set up on other industrial sectors, also eliminated positive effects. Chinese investment payment volume stood at $ 290 million, while it had invested $ 920 million in the last fiscal year.

In different sectors where the investments were made during the current financial year, the highest inflows were recorded in electrical machinery, which attracted $126.6m during 9MFY19 as against $13.8m in corresponding period last year, reflecting an increase of 813pc.

The second largest investment in the sector was the transport sector, which has invested $80.96 million in the current fiscal year, which is 663% higher than the previous financial year. Similarly, the volume of capitalization in the chemical sector was $ 113.3 million, which is 332% higher than the US $27.6 million from the previous fiscal year.

It is believed that during the last two years, the power sector has been monitoring the capital sector and the construction sector, but compared to that, investment in other fields was less than usual.

However, if the current figure is seen as an investment change, it can be encouraged to other sectors of the local industry. After the Chinese investment in power sector, the investment sector has also witnessed a sharp reduction in investment.

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