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Finally, the fatal game Blue Whale Mastermind Nearonov got arrested

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Finally, the fatal game Blue Whale Mastermind got arrested in Russia. The Russian police has arrested the accused and released his photographs and identity. According to a British news agency, Blue Whale game’s 22 years old Blue Whale Mastermind suspect Nearonov has been arrested for a year ago. However, its arrest has now disclosed. Russian police say that Blue Whale Mastermind Nearonov has not yet committed a crime.

Further, he said his focus is that he has helped those girls who were disappointed with this world. Moscow’s local police are investigating the arrested the fatal game Blue Whale Mastermind. The investigation is being done especially on the point of view that he convinced 10 minor girls for suicide by using his computer. However, on the other hand, the 22-year-old Blue Whale Mastermind also says that young boys and girls are adulterous, so they do not have the right to live.

According to the sources, Moscow police say that Nearonov the Blue Whale mastermind is a Moscow resident and operates the game from his own home. The accused used to contact with young boys and girls through social networking websites, he used to mislead them by misguiding and instigate to commit suicide. According to the local media of Russia, highly educated Nearonov belongs to a good family and as a Financial analysts paid their responsibilities on very good salary.

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