Federal Minister Inaugurated Pakistan Post Mobile App

Pakistan Post Mobile App

Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed inaugurated the Pakistan Post Mobile App on Saturday in Islamabad. User will able to track our parcel from dispatch to deliver and there is no need to visit Post Office for parcel booking because a representor will collect your parcel from your place.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Pakistan Post Mobile App organized at the ECO Postal Staff College of Islamabad, according to the official news agency, Murad Saeed said that postal services are facing a loss of Rs 5 billion per year, but Pakistan Post will no longer be behind anyone in the modern competitive era.

He said that the role of postal services in Pakistan is almost nothing, the first pilot plan of the Pakistan Post Mobile App is starting in 10 cities, and the export parcel is being started from Sialkot, Karachi and Lahore, which will deliver parcel within 72 hours.

Pakistan Post Mobile App
Will Let You Track & Trace Your Parcels
Via RFID Stickers

Federal Minister said that from January 14, Pakistan Post will enter the field of export parcel in the entire country, while in the market of logistics department; the post office will create its position, which will be started from January 23.

Federal Minister Inaugurated Pakistan Post Mobile App

Murad further said that Pakistan Post will be upgraded till 23rd March 2019 and we are also going to start microfinance loan disbursement scheme with the collaboration of Khushhali Bank. He said Pakistan Post was expecting up to $2.5 billion Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on public-private partnership model for its capacity building in the logistics sector. You can download Pakistan Post Mobile App from Google Play Store.

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