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Features of Credit Cards Offered By Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

Features of Credit Cards Offered By Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan

Standard Chartered Bank is one of the leading banks in the world, which has also maintained its presence in Pakistan before partition. Bank has more 94 branches spread across the country and has more than 9000 employees working for them. Standard Chartered Bank, through its acquisition of Union Bank in 2006 increased its foot print in Pakistan. The bank has a long and successful history in Pakistan and is currently 6th biggest bank in Pakistan.
Apart from the normal banking services it offers, the bank also has made strides is in consumer financing. Consumer financing includes facilities such as Credit Card, Car Financing, Home Loans and other products. In order to provide best services to its customers, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan offers unique credit cards and reward programmes to suit individual needs of its customers. Each card has been tailored as per the requirements of a particular set of customers.
It is noteworthy that Standard Chartered Bank offers quick customer support which is available round the clock 24 hours for customer’s assistance and guidance. In the following lines, each credit card with its inherent features is being discussed in detail:-

SCB Visa Platinum Credit Card

The biggest concern of customer remains is the safety and security of the card. Both physical and digital losses are important. Standard Chartered Bank ensures that digital data of customer remains safe. For physical security, all illegal transactions are covered after the report is filed with the Bank. It is therefore recommended that report of loss is intimated to bank immediately.
Apart the normal banking services inherent in a Credit Card, Flight reservation using Visa Platinum Credit Card is highly recommended. The customer can receive its ticket at his doorstep if they are living in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The card also offers additional benefit of sending gifts and bouquets on memorable events of near and dear ones of customers. The service is available to card holders in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

SCB Visa Gold & Classic Credit Card

For customers who travel around the world, Standard Chartered Bank visa Gold and Classic credit cards are the best solution. The card has global acceptability and can be swiped at 24 million outlets across 210 countries worldwide with powerful network support. Moreover, the card is accepted at 10,000 locations throughout Pakistan. Additional features are as under:-

a. A customer can withdraw up to 30% of available credit limit at any Visa / MasterCard ATM from anywhere in the world by using cash advance facility, if the customer has run out of cash. The cash can also be taken from any commercial bank’s ATM Machine or Standard Chartered Bank branch within Pakistan.
b. To ensure more accessibility to a family, the primary card holder can apply for 5 supplementary cards for his family or dependents who are under the age of 18 years.
c. If any of the card of customer passes its credit limit, then they can transfer unpaid balance to Visa Gold & Classic Credit Card at an extremely low rate of 2.5%. The bank offers Treasure Points whenever a customer transfers its balance to these cards, which can be redeemed for exciting gifts.

SCB MasterCard CashBack Credit Card

a. Standard Chartered Master Card also has worldwide acceptance with added feature of Cash Back rewards. This exclusive feature can be availed for fuel, grocery and many other retail outlets anywhere in Pakistan.
b. If any customer intends to buy a costly item such as an air conditioner or a fridge, then he has the option to pay within 51 days after making the purchase with Buy now and pay later facility.

SCB MasterCard Titanium Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank Titanium MasterCard is the best product of Standard Chartered bank. Customer gets personalized customer service and several benefits that suit their requirements. Some of the features are:-
a. While you fill in petrol or diesel, or buy lubricant to have oil change the card holder is entitled to receive 5% instant cashback by using Save on Fuel and Lubricants facility.
b. The card also offers Concierge Services Feature, which entitles the card holder to book cinema tickets, send flowers or get around the city within the reach of a phone call.
The above mentioned list of facilities of Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards is not an exhaustive list. The bank offers more features as per the requirements of customers and special occasions. The customers can know more details by visiting the nearest branch of Standard Chartered Bank or simply call at Bank’s toll free helpline 0800-88008.

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