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Facebook Strengthening Security Features For Elections 2018

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Elections 2018: During American Presidential elections in 2016, Facebook was alleged that data of millions of its users was manipulated in a way to affect the outcome of elections. Facebook came under severe criticism worldwide after these allegations. Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was called by US Senate and was made to explain his stance on the issue. His answers were not satisfactory and at occasions he claimed ignorance on how Facebook works. A similar scam was unearthed in UK, once a renowned organization accepted that they gathered data from Facebook and used it without knowledge of users.

As per reports of Khaleej Times that in the wake of Elections 2018 in Pakistan, Facebook has announced that it is improving its security features so that elections of any country may not be influenced by Facebook. Security features have been enhanced for Facebook accounts of various political parties and of candidates contesting elections.

Moreover, data which can influence elections in countries where elections are scheduled is being deleted, Mr. Sarim Aziz, spokesperson of Facebook in Pakistan has said that monitoring of data has been enhanced in countries where elections are planned in coming weeks and months so that Facebook doesn’t influence results in any way.

Special monitoring teams have been detailed for this and we are closely working with Election Commission of Pakistan and training of its employees is being carried out to make them understand that how Facebook works. Step is being taken to ensure transparency of upcoming elections.

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