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Facebook Admits To Save Millions of Passwords In Simple Text

Facebook Admits To Save Millions of Passwords In Simple Text

Last month this news came out that the Facebook staff has access to 60 million user’s passwords which have been saved in simple text instead of a script. Now, Facebook admitted that to save millions of passwords in sample text which totally unsecured for Facebook users. Further, Facebook has revealed that millions of Instagram passwords are also saved in similar plane text formats.Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spending billions of his own security instead of Facebook security.

Now, the Facebook Company is being investigated that passwords were not used indirectly for any wrong purpose, or no one had access to it. Then another issue has been added to the list of Facebook privacy scandals. Facebook did this confession through an update in a one month old blog post, whose apparent goal is to save people from being attracted.

Facebook said it will notify “Hundreds of Millions of Facebook Lite Users,” a lighter version of Facebook for users where internet speeds are slow and bandwidth is expensive, and “tens of millions of other Facebook users.” The company also said “Tens of Thousands of Instagram Users” will be notified of the exposure.

It was believed that on the last day, it has come to inform that Facebook has illegally uploaded email contacts list of more than 1.5 million users. Facebook says that the simple text password issue is now fixed, and that it doesn’t think there will be long-term effects from the incident, because the passwords were never actually stolen. But given the company’s apparently endless stream of gaffes, it’s difficult to know what will come next.

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