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European Union Has Refused The Recommendation To Blacklist Saudi Arabia

European Union has refused the recommendation to Blacklist Saudi Arabia on the accusation of alleged Money Laundering and financial support of terrorism. European Union executive presented the recommendation to Black list Saudi Arabia, which has been repelled by 28 states of European Union. This decision has been taken due to the pressures from Saudi Arabia and from other countries included in the list.

European Union states has told that this decision is based on their joint agreement, because according to them the list presented by European Commission was not made transparently and that is the reason they have to take this decision against European Union’s suggested list. After this decision European Commission will have to make a new list.

Vira Jurava the European Commissioner in charge said “I am really disappointed, but I am hopeful and shall not lose my courage”. She further said that the procedure was performed transparently and all the European Union’s legal execution against Money laundering and terrorists support was done.

The commission had issues a transitional black list last month, which included 4 American boundaries, American Samoa, US Virgin Island, Puerto Rico and Gawama alongwith 23 other countries boundaries as well. The list included Nigeria, Libya, Panama, Bahamas, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and Afghanistan.

During European Union’s hearing Jurava said that enlisted countries are prepared to confront us and that’s why Saudi Arabia, America and Panama were included in the list. While speaking in the defence of European Union’s intention to black list those countries she said that she will must consult those countries while compilation of new list.

European Union officials said Saudi Arabia exports oil worldwide, purchases and sales weapons and other goods of worth Billions of Dollars with European countries. Saudi Arabia warned to rescind all the contracts with European countries as well as Saudi Crowned Prince Muhammad Bin Salman sent letters to all European leaders to take the decision back from the commission. European Union’s parliament members has criticized the decision of blockage of blacklist, they also said if we will play politically on this list then European Union will lose its credibility.

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