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Dr. Arif Alvi Elected As The 13th President of Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) key person and leader Dr. Arif Alvi has been Elected 13th President of Pakistan, according to official and confirmed result. Arif Alvi has received 320 electoral votes, Fazlur Rehman 159 and Aitzaz Ahsan 120 votes.

According to the final results of National Assembly and Senate, Dr. Alvi bagged 211 votes, Fazl 131 and Aitzaz 81 votes. A total of 424 votes were balloted of these six were rejected. In the Sindh Assembly, out of total of 158 votes, Aitzaz Ahsan bagged 100 votes while PTI candidate Arif Alvi secured 56. Two votes were rejected.

PTI candidate Arif Alvi won from Balochistan securing 45 votes. Opposition candidate Fazl-ul-Rehman received 15 while PPP’s Aitzaz Ahsan bagged zero votes. Dr. Arif won by securing 78 votes in KP Assembly, Fazl received 26 while Aitzaz got 5 votes. In Punjab 351 out of 354 lawmakers cast their vote.

Talking to media outside the parliament after being elected as 13th President of Pakistan, Arif Ali said, “I am not President of any particular party but entire nation and every party of the country.” Dr. Alvi thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan, the coalition partners and the entire nation on being elected as the President of Pakistan.

“I will make all-out efforts to ensure roti, Kapra and makaan (bread, clothes and house) to every poor person,” vowed the President-elect Arif Alvi. The President also vowed to eradicate unemployment, illiteracy and to provide health facilities and dispense justice in his first media talk following his election.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Arif Alvi has been elected 13th President of Pakistan, according to unofficial and unconfirmed result. Alvi is expected to take oath of office on September 9.

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