Download Durango Wild Lands Adventure Android Game

Download Durango Wild Lands Adventure Android Game

Durango Wild Lands are the dinosaur MMO game nominated E3’s “Best Mobile/Handheld” at Game Critics’ Awards. Durango is the next development of fully-featured MMOs on smartphone. This open world MMO lets you experience the full independence to roam a massive, primeval land filled with dinosaurs. Escapade through the Wild Lands, play your way, explore, craft and furnace a new life and evolution.

This prehistoric MMO takes you to a secretive land of dinosaurs. In this Jurassic adventure, you’re warped from your world into Durango Wild Lands. Discover a rich prehistoric environment spread with modern-day items mysteriously transported to this world.

Tame dinosaurs, fight in epic battles against rival clans and develop a new civilization alongside your fellow innovators. Hunt and gather both modern and local resources around you to aid in your existence. Explore and embrace your inner pioneer to cultivate and evolve the vast and dangerous wilderness of Durango by choosing your own path to relate with the world and other players! Adventure through natural Wild Lands filled with dinosaurs in Durango.

Durango Wild Lands Features

• Explore a vast, prehistoric open world filled with great dinosaurs, rich environments and islands teeming with diverse flora and fauna
• Adventure and embrace your inner pioneer using your wits and the resources from the land
• Discover sprawling islands with various environments and more valuable content
• Explore and settle down in Personal, Tamed and Civilized Islands — gather, hunt, craft, cook, farm, build, and expand your domain and abilities
• Explore Unstable Islands filled with valuable resources, tamable dinosaurs, and secrets

Download Durango Wild Lands

Multiplayer features let you work together to create a clan, coordinate with teammates and create sprawling villages. Play online with and compete against other clans – hunt down great dinosaurs in Raid Islands and engage in PvP and Clan Battles, download Android Durango and enjoy…

Download Durango Wild Lands Adventure Android Game,Beard Banker

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