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Donald Trump Is Likely To Implement Emergency In The Country

Donald Trump Is Likely To Implement Emergency In The United States of America

US President Donald Trump has once again threatened that if the Congress did not issue funds for the construction of a wall adjacent to Mexico, then they would get funds for this purpose by implementing the emergency. He said that now its simple solution is to announce national emergency.

Talking to news reporters of the International News Agency, the US President said that “I have the key options to implement the national emergency, and other presidents have used them in the past, but I have so far No, but I can. While talking with media, reporter asked about why he did not use the option so far, Donald Trump said that I wanted the Congress to take action in such matters.

It is clear that due to political differences on the construction of the wall, the US government has partial shutdown for 20 days, resulting in almost 800 thousand employees of the federal government are deprived of salaries. Despite all this controversy, budget talks with Democrats have become suspicious, whose house is controlled by the representatives and their term is denied to President Trump.

In this regard, the Republican Party says that he is standing in support of President Trump, but some Republican members also supported the end of the shutdown. While talking to journalists on the occasion, the US President said that if Congress did not allow funding, then perhaps I would do it, in which bypassing the House of Representatives, the national emergency would be enforced.

Analysts say that such a move will get a political cover to restore government functions and Trump will be able to get the biggest slogans of their election campaign, or to build a border wall.

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