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Do You Know? How Many People In Pakistan Know About Internet

LIRNEAsia Information Communication Technology

How Many People In Pakistan Know About Internet? According to recent survey almost 69 percent Pakistani don’t have any idea and knowledge about Internet and sparingly 63 percent nation has not heard about it. Sri Lankan based organization LIRNEAsia Information Communication Technology (ICT) conducted this survey and almost two thousand families and individuals were surveyed during the months of July to October 2018.

The results of survey, 19 percent Pakistani don’t know about Internet due to lack of Internet accessible devices, 37 percent Pakistani have heard about Internet, 39 percent internet users in Pakistan are connected with Internet through free public WiFi and almost 25 percent users are connected with internet thorough paid WiFi.

The most important point is that in this survey i.e. almost 12 percent Internet of Social Media users in Pakistan have faced few online harassment incidents. 17 Percent Social Media users share content and 61 percent does not share anything on Internet and Social Media.

LinreAsia CEO Helani Galpaya said in the report about how many people in Pakistan know about Internet. The 152 million active cellular subscribers declared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) website, in spite of a good SIM registration system, tell nothing about the subscribers – whether they are men and women, rich or poor and do not really help understand access and usage gaps.

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