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Do Not Share Posts On Facebook That Put You In Trouble

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More than 2 billion people use Facebook around the world. But most people are unaware of the fact that Facebook and other popular social media networks collect user’s personal information. But they are limited to companies or reach forward advertising companies, but consumers should avoid sharing anything personal on social media site. Some of the general Facebook posts may cause problems for you.

1: Sharing Details About The Relationship

As regards the relationship between you and your partner, keep it away from other people’s access, never share anything on social media networks and limit your personal details to your own extent. Relations of close relatives can be lost.

2: Indecent Selfie & Identification Documents

There are some occasions that demand biased behavior, and that is why, do not try to take or share smiling selfie on any funeral and on any cremation, so do not share in the sacred places like mosques or others. Many times people are very happy to acquire the first driving license such as a big milestone, which they share everything happily online, but do not forget that the personal information you share online, the same put in danger.

3: Illegal Measures & Inappropriate Comments

Anything that is against the rules such as calling while driving or sharing pictures of weapons, etc… can also be sent to the jail. Whether you are doing a joke in fun, if you need to be cautious, always mind the reaction of others by expressing other’s reaction, avoiding unwanted comments on religion, politics, gender discrimination and other serious issues which cause conflicts.

4: Complaints About Your Work

Even if your office colleagues do not have access to your Facebook account, they can also know about your behavior about your office or boss, why do you have a mental problem with your job? Yes, keep it to your limit.

5: Expensive Gifts And Items

Various research reports have proven that seeing other people’s expensive goods on social media has borne a sense of insecurity and failure within us, and increased dissatisfaction with life. If you exhibit any expensive thing on a social media account, then keep in mind that you are explicitly exposing your embassies and some people may think of stealing them. Remember that it is impossible for you to completely delete what you post on social media and it is not possible for you to know who this information is going to be, so be careful about the posts.

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