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Beardbanker.com is a news web site like a news channel, which plays different, original or shared news. Similarly, beardbanker.com will share the news from different sources to other. The Apps will be shared specially Google Play store will be shared only to promote Google products to such people who are not properly aware of Google Play Store. Beardbanker.com will never sale or purchase any App and only such Apps from the Google play store will be shared Android Apps, which will be offered for free from developers. It will not create any negative impact on Google Policy or AdSense Policy.

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Any original news shared on beardbanker.com through it’s writer ID, beardbaker.com will take complete responsibility of that news, but it must be noted that such news will be based on Google News or Google Trends. The reason behind this is beardbanker.com is not a physical news agency and no reporter collects or publishes the news. In 99% of the cases, beardbanker.com will collect news from Google.

All the posts will be shared with original source and a hyperlink at the end of the post, due to which no Google tool, copyscape or other site monitoring tool will not consider any negative effect of beardbanker.com because we are not rewriting any post (with any software) but just sharing by changing title and feature image. Such shared news will be beyond the Google AdSense Policy and Google will neither take any negative step nor against our AdSense Account.

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