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Did Justice Fail or Khadija Siddiqui?

Did Justice Fail or Khadija Siddiqui?

The concept of justice is oblivious to gender and class affiliations. In civilized societies, every such human is deserving of justice who has been wronged and who desires justice. In our society, unfortunately, justice is indeed blind, is bound to the whims of the elite. In our society, even in the presence of evidence and facts, justice is not served. Some days back, Lahore High Court acquitted Shah Hussain, who had attacked Khadija Siddiqui in broad daylight with 23 stabbings. The onlookers had then thought that Khadija Siddiqui had perhaps lost the battle of life, but fortunately Khadija defeated death itself and came back to lead the criminal Shah Hussain to his logical end, Khadija being a student of law herself.

After immense struggle, Shah Hussain was sentenced for 7 years by article 324 in “Attempt to Murder” by magistrate Mubashir Hussain Awan, a sentence that was hailed by all women who had personally experienced the violation of their rights. The session’s court reduced his sentence to 5 years on appeal. Khadija Siddiqui challenged this decision in Lahore High Court on which the magistrate rescinded the punishment altogether for lack of eye witnesses and termed it as a mere accusation. Khadija alleged that this decision has been given on the basis of the influence of Shah Hussain’s father, Tanvir Hashmi who happens to be lawyer in LHC as well.

Khadija Siddiqui’s case is not the only one in which justice has been massacred; Zainab’s case earlier in Kasur is also pending a punishment. In our society, whenever such an incident occurs, the social welfare organizations and political parties raise a momentary hue and cry of invoking justice to be served, but after that disappear. What use is Khadija’s brave solitary fight if it leads nowhere because justice is blind? Now it remains to be seen whether Chief Justice Saqib Nisar takes a Suo Moto notice of the case. This is pertinent to be seen because a society can function on evil but not injustice.

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