Best Android Action Game Metal Wings Elite Force

Metal Wings: Elite Force is a best Android action game which is an arcade side scrolling & platforming action shooting game. Download the Metal Wings: Elite Force and destroy all of the hostile aliens.

Choose from the three hero character that will lead you mission to eradicate the alien forces wreaking havoc upon the lands. Face off against these evil aliens and shot them all down. Your enemy uses advanced technology so you fight them using high tech weapons too. Navigate the intricate maps and encounter numerous enemies to fight and at the end of each stage confront the big boss and destroy it.


  • Ultra beautiful HD graphic
  • Auto target system
  • Simple controller
  • Unique Boss fights
  • Well-designed characters
  • Great balanced levels

Metal Wings: Elite Force is a 2d side-scroller shooter with classic features from the bests and new unique mechanics. Play as a soldier Contra from the Elite Force Metal Wings of another world with advanced technology, uses the iconic weapons and shoot down anything that harming the peace, from bio-tech soldiers to huges mechanic weapons, plus unique bosses all waiting for you in the battle zone.

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