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Bank Al Habib Left Behind Bank Alfalah To Become The 6th Leading Bank in Pakistan

Bank Al Habib Left Behind Bank Alfalah to Become the 6th Leading Bank in Pakistan

To make prominent presence in the business sector and branch network size, Bank Al-Habib left behind Bank Alfalah to become the sixth leading Bank in Pakistan. According to the 3rd quarter stats of 2018, with strong branch network Bank Al Habib has increased its branches network in 705 regions all over Pakistan and in foreign markets.

Bank Al Habib has a total of 705 branches with 62 Islamic branches, 600 conventional branches, 36 sub-branches, 3 foreign branches, and 4 Regional Offices. The bank has worked hard to raise its branch network and increase and improve its services all over the country. Moreover, Bank Al Habib has several branches in Bahrain, Seychelles and Malaysia and offices in UAE, Istanbul, Beijing, and Kenya. By the end of September 2018, the assets of the bank grew up to Rs: 750 billion as per recent press release.

Compared to Bank Al Habib with Bank Alfalah, has a total of 662 offices with 152 Islamic branches, 478 conventional branches, 22 sub-branches, 10 foreign branches with 7 in Bangladesh and one each in Bahrain, Dubai, and Afghanistan.

By the end of September 2018, the asset value of the bank stood at Rs: 804 billion. Other than these the top five banks of Pakistan are Habib Bank Limited, United Bank Limited, MCB Bank, National Bank of Pakistan and Allied Bank Limited.

About Bank AL Habib

The Bank AL Habib Limited, in Pakistan, is run by the Dawood Habib family group of companies. The bank’s head office is situated in the city of Multan in Punjab, but its principal office is located in Karachi.

Customer service: (0213) 244 697 879
Headquarters: Karachi
CEO: Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan
Chairperson: Abbas D. Habib
Founder: Esmail Habib
Founded: 1991, Karachi

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