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ARMY Announces Support For Elections 2018

ARMY Announces Support For Elections 2018

DJ ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor in his media talk told the audience that Army doesn’t back any political party and it only supports people of Pakistan. It will become clear on 25th July that which political party wins the election. People are requested to vote for the party they like without any fear. He said that the conducive environment in which elections are being conducted this year, the same was not available in 2013. Moreover, before every election, politicians tend to change their political parties. Pakistan Army is focused on other important issues and it must not be distracted. It is not possible that a politician change his loyalty merely on a phone call. He requested that small incidents must not be linked with elections.

On the issue of allocation of Jeep as election symbol, he said that the matter is being blown out of proportion and the symbol doesn’t represent Army. Before every election politicians allege about rigging and change their political parties as per their interests. Pakistan Army is fighting the war which is an existential threat for the country.

He added that elections will be held on 25th July and the democratic process will continue. This will be the transition of 3rd successive democratic setup and army will support Election Commission of Pakistan. In the elections of 1997, one lac and eighty two thousand troops were deployed for election duties. All political parties can continue their campaigning without any fear.

He reiterated that Army will ensure that if only 100 votes are casted then only 100 votes are counted. It is the job of officials of Election Commission of Pakistan to remove any anomaly in electoral process. The code of conduct of Election Commission of Pakistan will be strictly adhered.

Troops from Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force will also participate in Election duties and free, fair and transparent elections will be ensured. He informed that 45,800 buildings will be used as polling stations and ballot papers are being printed in three different presses and process of printing will finish by 21st July. Most of the ballot papers will be transported by road.

Spokesperson of Pakistan Army said that those blaming General Faiz don’t even know his nature of work and he has been wrongly alleged. He said that General Faiz has done a lot in war against terrorism and everything should not be seen with suspicion. He added that if anything is done against the country on Social Media then it will not be ignored. He praised the role of FIA in this regard.

Dg ISPR said that Army has nothing to do with the incident in Multan and it is wrong to call Army as “Khalai Makhlooq”, we are just humans like others and work for common people. He said that this is just an election slogan. He said that people are free to choose whomever they like in elections. He said that anyone who wins elections will be accepted by everyone. He said that issue of picture of COAS on an election poster was taken up by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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