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Are We Donating Towards Development of Pakistan

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Independence Day is a lucky day for the Pakistani nation, the day when our country expanded its independence from the British rule. But how many Pakistanis know how Independence Day came into being and what they want in future? We have always taken out everything from the country but today we have to think that what have we donated for our country? We are going to celebrate 71th Independence Day, we must think about it either we are playing an individual role to become a safer, wealthy, autocephalous, and independent country where we would research our ideas of Islam, development, technology, research, and ideology of our founder in real meanings.

It is very essential and the real challenge for our country people as like why we are using every model of developed country/advanced country as people are same at both sides across the border. We should think that why we couldn’t found such kind of things or progress in the fields of education, technology, health, infrastructure, research, science, and others. Being a citizen and well-known experts of various fields like a doctor, scientist, engineer, politician, journalist, analyst, researcher, peon, teacher, laborer, public servant, driver and general citizen either we expressively contributed anything to the country as an individual or not.

Until and unless, each character will not contribute his or her burgonet role for our country till that time we would not able to achieve the real Pakistan of our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Daily The Business has learnt in a survey on the individual and collective role for the country.

Mushtaq Sarwar, a famous writer while talking to this scribe said after a very long time people of Pakistan have succeeded in bringing into power a new political party after defeating two top genetic political parties of Pakistan because now citizens of this country want a change in the real sense of Quaid’s Pakistan.

He further said that unfortunately some anti-people had got undue benefits from this country and they always ruled the country as compared to those people who gave immolate their lives, sacrifices, honor, and even the generations of Founder of Pakistan are spending poverty lives till today.

A student of Punjab University, said that we had got the independent country on August 14, 1947 but if we get rid of mental slavery, then we would be giving loans, ideas, goods & services, investment & infrastructure and career opportunities to other countries whereas now the situation is totally different.

One of our colleague who is a professional banker vowed that now the people of Pakistan especially youth have linked great hopes from the new government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). If they couldn’t deliver according to the hopes of the citizens of this country, then it would be the worst future for the PTI and the voters/supporters would be disappointed. He further added that Pakistan has reached at a thoughtful point where every institution should support the PTI for appreciated achievements whereas if the end of the expected government of PTI turned out to be similar as the previous democratic governments, then the outcome would be an immense scourge.

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