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Another ATM Fraud – A True Story

Last few years have seen a rapid increase in ATM frauds where people have used sophisticated methods such as breaching bank’s computer networks and ATM skimming to rob people and banks. However, in our part of the world where people are mostly illiterate and novice in use of ATMs, techniques of ATM frauds are still primitive. Recently, I came to know about a similar ATM fraud where a commoner, a low income individual who happens to live away from his family due to his job lost a handsome amount of money due to an ATM fraud.

Mr. Ahmed (names have been changed for privacy reasons) had given his ATM Card to his wife as he used to be away from his family for months. One day while Mrs. Ahmed was using ATM, a couple entered the ATM Booth and requested her to teach them the use of ATM by showing that how a transaction is made. Mrs. Ahmed carried out transaction in front of the couple, which allowed them to see the pin code of ATM.

Moments later, they also cleverly swapped the ATM card from Mrs. Ahmed by asking her that how it is inserted in ATM Machine. They took her card and gave her another card which has been stolen from Mr. Bilal who was from a different city and had also complained in the past about theft of his card. The couple later went to another bank and took away cash in access of Rs 20,000 by conducting two different transactions.

Mr. Ahmed, received notifications of transactions and asked his wife who showed complete ignorance of last two transactions. Mr. Ahmed became suspicious and immediately got his ATM Card blocked. He lodged his complaint with the banks involved, however, the banks is considering them as perfectly legal transactions and are unwilling to pay any compensation to Mr. Ahmed as safe custody of ATM Card and its pin code is the responsibility of the user.

While Mrs. Ahmed has been robbed in broad daylight, it leaves lessons for other users of ATM to never trust anyone while making transactions on ATM. Moreover, banks also need to improve their video surveillance measures so that the perpetrators of such crimes are brought to book immediately.

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