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American Senator And My Chief Officer Had Sexually Abused Me: Martha McSally

American Senator One Of My Chief Officers Had Sexually Abused Me says Martha McSally

The American Senator Martha McSally has revealed that she had been sexually abused by a high Rank officer during her Air Force service time period. Martha McSally was the first lady Pilot and she had contributed in wars as a Fighter Pilot as well. Martha McSally belongs to Arizona State, she did not report that incident at that time because she felt ashamed and was not confident enough on department’s justice system.

During the hearing of Senate Armed Services Committee, Martha McSally talked about sexual attacks in American Army and said “I am also one like you who has tolerated sexual abuse, but I was not as strong as you are, and I did not speak out on the sexual abuse because like other men and woman I also had no trust on the system of that time”.

In 2017, 6800 sexual abuse incidents were recorded with 10% higher rates than the previous years. 52 years old McSally said “I blame my own self, I was ashamed and tense, sexual abusers took advantage of their higher ranks, once I was sexually abused by a high ranked chief.”

Senator McSally said “I tried to tell the Generals about sexual abuse incidents I went through but their reactions were not sufficient. She said there was a time when I started thinking to quit the Army job her 18 years Air Force service. She further said “I was feeling that the system was abus8ng and mistreating me repetitively.” Senator McSally served Air force for 26 years and reached Colonel’s designation.

Senator McSally was selected for two times as a representative member of senate, and this year she has been selected as a Senator.

This is not the first time when Senator McSally raised her voice against sexual abuse, last year on her election Campaign she told The Wall Street Journal, that she was forced for sex by her Athlete Coach at the age of 17. She had already mentioned in her previous times that she had faced sexual Harassment during her army service.

On January, another lady Senator Johnny Ernest revealed herself as a sexual abuse victim as well; she said she had been abused by her Boyfriend while she was studying at Io estate University. Senator Ernest told to the Bloomberg that she did not report to the police about her physical abuse.

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