American President Donald Trump Won The Worst Actor Award

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American President Donald Trump won the worst Actor Award for his appearance in a Documentary Movie. OSCAR Awards are the most considered awards of film world, but nonetheless another organization presents some unique awards every year. Golden Raspberry Awards which is known as “Razzie” Awards is presented to the actors just a day before OSCAR Awards ceremony. This award is actually presented to those Actors, Directors and Movies which get ignored by OSCAR Awards Management.

This year 39th Annual Ceremony held on 23rd of February. Nominations for this award ceremony were announced on January, this year. Donald Trump was nominated as an amazingly worst actor category and his wife America’s First Lady Melanie Trump was nominated for the worst supportive actor female category. Most Fortunately Donald Trump left behind not only his wife but so many other extremely talented actors and won the worst acting award of the year.

According to the Andrew Vire, American President Donald Trump received collectively 2 awards including worst actor award, he left so many other actors behind including his wife. It was already expected that Donald Trump will whisk away the worst actor Award. Although the America’s First Lady Melanie Trump was nominated as worst supporting actor instead of worst actress, yet she remained unsuccessful for achieving this award.

American President Donald Trump got the honour of receiving worst actor award and left Johny Depp, Will friedle, John Travolta and Bruce wills behind. Donald Trump received the award for a Documentary Movie “Death of The Nation” and “Fahrenheit 11/9”, in these documentaries he appeared personally.

In those documentary Movies they discussed about the challenges faced by all the previous presidents of America from Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump. As well as they discussed their policies and performances. In “Fahrenheit 11/9” The after effects of 11/9 were discussed. “Death of nation” and “Fahrenheit 11/9” was released in 2018. America’s first lady was nominated for worst supportive actress in “Fahrenheit 11/9”, but she remained unsuccessful for winning the award.

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