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Amazon Online Store Employees Protest On Black Friday Across Europe

Amazon Online Store Employees Protest On Black Friday Across Europe

Employees of the US Amazon Online Store rated by the world’s largest online shopping store, impassable the administration by protesting on Black Friday. Amazon is the world’s number one online shopping store and operating stores in several countries of the world, who sell things on discounted rates on Black Friday. The Amazon Company was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994.

The Amazon Online Store is open for more than 24 hours on Black Friday and also gives extra money to its employees. However, employees of the Amazon Store in several countries of Europe protestors against Black Friday working for continuous 24 hours.

According to the Business Insider and The Washington Post, employees of Amazon Online Store, located in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain protested with banners outside the Amazon stores and the slogan against the administration. The News Agency said in its report, referring to the news of other broadcasting agencies, Amazon employees say they are human, not robots that they should work continuously for 24 hours.

The report said that at least 3,000 employees of Amazon’s protest against working for 24 hours, while the demonstrators also included common people. According to the further details more than 1600 employees in Spain and 620 employees in Germany took part in protest against Amazon management for 24 hours working on Black Friday.

According to the report, the police said that this is the internal matter of Amazon Online Store and the protestors have democratic right, however the Amazon management representor also assured the protestors to accept all demands, but their protest continued. This is the first time when the European workers demonstrated on Black Friday. source >>> The Post

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