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Alaric Bristow A Science Teacher Sentenced For Five Years In Prison

Alaric Bristow A Science Teacher Sentenced For Five Years In Prison

Alaric Bristow, former science teacher in England has been sentenced five years in prison for uploading teenagers ‘Nude Pictures’ on Social Media though a fake profile accounts. According to the Independent news media post a science teacher named Alaric Bristow was involved for making indecent pictures of teenage boys and girls. He showed himself as a teenage student and the school which was related to teaching, insisting almost 200 students to perform sex acts and sending indecent images. The court was told how West Midlands Police raided Alaric’s home, where he lived with his mother and brothers, last September after receiving information of suspicious internet activity. 31 Years old Alaric Bristow arrested by West Midlands Police last year.

Alaric Bristow contacted the boys between 13 and 15 years age through fake accounts and collected more than five thousand ‘Naked photos and Videos’. This unusual move took him to jail for five years and Judge Peter Cooke also said Bristow must serve at least three years in prison. Bristow has targeted at most 213 boys for child sexual abuse and many of the victims had been his pupils, the judge said.

According to the court order, the former teacher’s name directed to put in an abusive list of perpetrators. Judge remarked that you were spending dual life conveying knowledge as a teacher during the day, but spending a dark secret life at night i.e. is very strange and shameful for you and I am sure you were involved in similar crimes in the past.

According to the police, we have recovered almost 5000+ plus indecent pictures from Alaric Bristow’s personal laptop. He even created folders, spreadsheets and kept details on how each ‘Relationship’ was progressing. Former teacher acknowledged that he used to get photographs and videos of students by making fake accounts, but they did not show the desire to make sex relations with these children.

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