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After the Data Leak scandal, Facebook suspends 200 Apps

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After data leak scandal, Facebook suspend 200 apps Company started checking more than one thousand applications. According to the media reports, the Facebook Company has become very cautious after data leaks scandal and is taking tough security measures to restore consumer confidence, In relation to these steps; Facebook suspended 200 applications that were consuming unauthorized data illegally.

The Facebook Company has begun checking over a thousand apps, during which it is being known that the user’s Facebook data is being used in the wrong place?. According to Facebook, every app is being shut down which has illegally used data, so far 200 Apps have been detected in this regard, while still many apps are being checked.

Facebook said it has looked into thousands of apps as part of an investigation that founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in March. The declaration follows Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s promise earlier this year that his company would conduct an audit of every app with access to large amounts of Facebook user data.

Zuckerberg’s promise was made in reply to blowback Facebook received over revelations that Cambridge Analytica, a British research firm that worked on the Trump campaign, harvested data from Eighty Seven Million Facebook users in destruction of Facebook’s terms of use.

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