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A short journey of Paris to Venice

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The greatest misery of the time is that, we are a bunch of fools. Last few days proved that we are worthless i.e. lesser than a laughing stock. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is ruling Punjab from last 30-35 years. The journey begins from culture ministry, which paced on to finance ministry and finally a long lasting era of CM-ship. During his reign (that is still to be continued) self-claimed — khadam-E-Aala, took oath to transform Lahore into Paris.

Hats off to Mr. Zalim-E-Aala” Lahore is drowned from last 3 days, schools r closed, no sign of electricity and the list goes on. PML-N dynasty ousted: a) Flooded crops. b) Spilled out drains. c) Qatil-E-Aala. Instead, we are progressing so fast that we had left behind “Venice”. A big round of applause for the “far-sightedness” of Chief Minister Punjab, he is always one step ahead, he initiated training in 2nd week of August, when public used boats for crossing river Ravi.

This Paris to Venice-Saga is re-telecasted every year in monsoon, but no action has ever been taken by Govt to resolve this issue on long term basis. It’s only because PML-N priorities are different. It’s a corrupt mafia, which includes Government bodies, political and ruling class, last but not the least business elite. Their hobby is to build/make roads with an insane behavior while performing this task. Because once the project is completes the whole model is wrecked, because “Gas Pipes” were missing. This dismantling and overhauling goes on, as there is a long list to follow, which includes water pipes, sewerage pipes, etc…

Coming to the point, the drainage system that Britain introduced (square holes and rectangular tunnels) when sub-continent was a colony, is still working better then PML-N (oval, hearth-like tunnels) model which failed again and again.

It’s the attitude; “MIAN BROTHERS” never had and never will-learn. I have no idea that either in the Government no one ever acknowledge, because as they say “never bite the hand that feeds you”, or they don’t bother, because as they say “I scratch your back you scratch mine”. The thing that adds to the misery is people are suffering from “Short Term Memory Loss” and until or unless they don’t have a proper treatment from a psychiatrist, there is no sign of “Silver Lining”.

But, still I would say be optimist, keep praying with hope that one day we realize that we are — Digging Our Own Grave.

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