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5 Simple Methods To Make Money With Your Vehicle

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You perhaps already know that it’s likely to make some additional money by signing up as an Uber or Careen driver or working for a service that delivers groceries or food. But beyond that, there are profusely of methods you can make extra money with your vehicle and if you have access to a reasonably reliable vehicle, then congratulations. You may earn extra weekly or monthly. Here’s how you can turn your driving machine into a money-making one:-

Make Money With Your Vehicle

  • Corporate Car Service
  • Car Rental Service
  • Child Pickup Service
  • Wrap your car in adverts
  • Become A Casual Courier


1: Corporate Car Service

You can still offer on-demand transportation service without driving for Uber or Lyft. Start your own service and work with corporate clients that need transportation to events or client pickup service.

2: Car Rental Service

If you don’t want to actually drive your vehicle around in order to make money, use an app like Turo to rent it out to others. They pay a small fee and then drop the vehicle back off when they’re done.

3: Child Pickup Service

When you take your kids to school, how many other parents are doing exactly the same thing? Probably some, all bringing cars adding to the congestion. Offering to take and bring their children home from school will be a welcome relief for parents. Choose people who live near you and you can earn from all of them. Most parents will gladly pay you so they don’t have to do this chore twice a day.

Whether you charge them weekly or monthly is up to you. Depending on your car you should be able to take your child and three others. Aim to earn $5 per child per day. This fee should be scaled for the distance traveled and the area you live in. Most parents will be pleased to have a responsible person taking their child as it will free up a portion of their morning. This also gives the other parent peace of mind knowing that their child doesn’t have to ride on either a public bus or the school bus.

4: Wrap Your Car In Adverts

You can place advertising on your car. This could be for local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, even dentists! Get creative about who would like to expand their business to customers who you know. For example, if you do the school run, which businesses would like their adverts in front of those parents? Approach companies you think may be interested. They will create and buy the decals and pay for applying them to the cars.

This will only be applicable if you drive many places, as no one wants to pay for a car that sits in a garage all day. All you need to do, is what you already do, drive. This can be a one off payment for an agreed time (a month, 6 months) or a monthly payment. Where I live, when it is election time, many people are paid to have political advertising on their cars.

5: Become A Casual Courier

Becoming a casual courier, or a lifestyle courier, is another flexible way of earning extra cash in your own time. The rising need for delivery drivers is tightly linked to ever-growing internet trade. Thanks to companies like Hermes, Yodel and Amazon Flex, drivers can sign up as self-employed couriers, and online retailers can offer better delivery options to their customers.

To be a courier you need have your own car with a valid MOT, hold a valid driving license, pass a background check, and have knowledge of your local area. Being good at organizing your workload and planning routes is always a plus. You may need to take out courier specific insurance, so make sure you shop around for the best deal.

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